Strategic Business

Geosynthetic Partners International Ltd (GPIL) are pleased to announce that their ongoing support of relevant regional industry groups now includes corporate sponsorship of ACIGS, the Australasian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS).

 This announcement follows GPIL Managing Director, Chris Brockliss and Business Development, Laurie Vercoe’s recent attendance at a very successful GEOANZ #1 conference in Brisbane in June. This first major event under the auspices of the ACIGS chapter heralded a coming of age for ACIGS and was well supported by participants and leading local and international geosynthetic presenters and expert practitioners.

 The ACIGS chapter runs regular online workshops and webinar events that are relevant for all engineers and infrastructure construction practitioners, provide training videos to learn and educate on products, applications, and usage, as well as having a great video library for past webinar events. Recent examples include a series of workshops and webinars on “Geosynthetics and Sustainability” held in late June / July.

Chris Brockliss comments “I would strongly urge all New Zealand consultancies, local and central government and private sector infrastructure asset managers and in particular our constructors, to have one or more key staff join ACIGS to help enhance their organisations knowledge and strategic use of geosynthetics in design and practical construction. This low-cost investment will lead to improved construction efficiencies, sustainability and performance on projects through the correct application of geosynthetics. The use of geosynthetics is well proven across many disciplines over some 40 years or more, and with innovation continually evolving, the industry that helps to support a sustainable future continues to be a dynamic and vibrant sector within the business of construction and maintenance in our planet”.