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Multi-tex Geotextiles

Geotextiles for Separation, Filtration, Drainage, Protection.

Multi-tex geotextiles are a range of non-woven and woven geotextiles for separation, filtration, drainage, and protection applications. Multi-tex to NZTA requirements are a range of continuous filament PET needle-punched geotextile meeting the strength and filtration grades to TNZ F/7 geotextile specifications.

Multi-tex grades from 600gsm to 1200gsm in continuous filament PET needle-punched style are also available upon request.

Multi-tex Mono 130 is a UV-stabilised polypropylene monofilament woven geotextile that is very robust and dimensionally stable, providing excellent mechanical and hydraulic properties for filtration applications. Multi-Tex Mono 130 is particularly suited to soils that are poorly graded, sands and fine gravels, soils high in iron content and soils in landfill where leachates may crystalise and cause potential clogging issues. Muli-Tex Mono 130 is also used to line the initial inlet modules of ProTank units to limit suspended sands from entering the main tank system.

GPIL also offer a full range of PP staple fibre needle-punched geotextiles from the Naue Secutex range of geotextile types. Secutex MR C for normal civil applications and Secutex R series up to 1200gsm for liner cushioning and waterways and coastal applications under rock armour where robustness and high abrasion resistance are required. Refer to the Secutex Products tab.



    Multitex geotextile (foreground) over Bentofix GCL over HDPE Liner.


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