The erosion issue along the Great Lakes and its impact on property owners

The Great Lakes, a series of five interconnected freshwater lakes in North America, are an impressive natural wonder, a significant ecosystem and valuable resource for millions of people. However, in recent years, increasing erosion along the shorelines of the Great Lakes has had significant impacts on surrounding communities and property owners, including:

  • Loss of land and infrastructure: Erosion can cause shorelines to recede, endangering land and infrastructure such as homes, roads, and pipelines.
  • Property devaluation: Properties along the shorelines lose value due to erosion, as potential buyers consider the risk of coastal erosion and flooding.
  • Insurance issues: Property owners along the Great Lakes may struggle to obtain insurance coverage for their properties or face rising insurance premiums due to increased erosion and flooding risks.
  • Economic impacts: Erosion can also have indirect economic impacts on property owners by affecting tourism, recreational activities, and the local economy.

Given the widespread pollution from plastic waste/microplastics in the Great Lakes, authorities mandate the avoidance of plastics in erosion control solutions as part of the approval process. Existing erosion control solutions involving plastics, such as solutions with geotextile tubes, must be dismantled.